Michael Jackson Memorabilia & Auction Expert

The interest in Michael Jackson memorabilia items has been strong since the singer's untimely death. His autographs and clothes have excellent investment potential, as Michael Jackson is one of the most sought after celebrities in the world. And Knaisz Auctions is one of the industry's leading experts in Michael Jackson memorabilia.

We have been buying, selling and trading memorabilia from the life and career of the King of Pop for more than 10 years. We established Knaisz Auctions in 2013 in London and even after all these years we still put a lot of time, effort, and passion into building our business and making Knaisz Auctions a trusted name and specialist Michael Jackson memorabilia dealer.
We are one of the four auction houses in the world who sells the most Michael Jackson memorabilia in a year, but we are the only one who has the lowest buyers premium and have the option to purchase your treasured items outright if you don't want to consign your items and wait months to get paid.

We have good relationships with the competing auction houses worldwide and we are continuously browsing other auctioneers' catalogs to keep ourself up to date with all of the genuine Michael Jackson items up for sale and the highest prices possible on this market.
Our clientele spans all over the globe. We work together with several museums, private collectors, memorabilia- and autograph authenticators, costume designers, exhibition curators and of course with fans.

It is our intent for you to obtain something real and authentic from Michael Jackson's HIStory. In our catalogues each collectible is accompanied with a special embossed and numbered certificate of authenticity to ensure the origin of each item. Everything we sell is guaranteed authentic.

We have remained very focused to know everything about Michael Jackson's signatures. We have literally taken thousands of hours to study the intricacies contained within the signatures of Michael Jackson to be able to spot the forgeries from the authentic signatures. Please, do NOT buy autographs without making sure they are authenticated.

Outside of the auction industry we are fans, music lovers and we feel a great respect for Michael Jackson's life and heritage.

Knaisz Auctions

Michael Jackson worn Billie Jean jacket (circa 1987-1988) staring back from the cover of the Dittmar Michael Jackson Collection's catalog. The King of Pop's jacket was sold at a record-breaking price by Knaisz Auctions in 2014.